Welcome to Menard County Tourism Council

The Council is served by ten volunteer members who contribute their time and talent to promoting tourism in Menard County. With the rich history and historical sites, Menard County benefits from hundreds of thousands of visitors who come every year. Petersburg is home to the county’s beds and breakfasts and lodge. The communities are rich with arts and entertainment and the live music and major festivals throughout the year. These are just a few of the good reasons to book weekend visits and vacations in Petersburg and Menard County.  

The Council is also served by a part-time executive director who is actively involved in jointly promoting and marketing Menard County with many partners in tourism throughout the state and Midwest. The Executive Director designs & maintains our website, social media and marketing materials to share our stories with the world. 


The membership is listed below:

Dick Moss, President

Dan Williams, Tourism Director 
Edie Sternberg, Vice-President

Mary Pat Cline, Secretary
Nancy Gorney, Treasurer



 Dick Moss


Menard County Tourism Council
PO Box 531 Petersburg, IL 62675


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